Frequently Asked Questions! These are the questions we asked throughout our journey with Schuri, along with the answers that we learned on the way! If you have any additional questions, ask us on social media! Use the links below!

Are Shiba dogs difficult to train?

Yes, they are extremely difficult to train but easy to teach. You will notice that your pup can learn tricks very quickly, but that does not mean they will be obedient or listen to you. As fast as they can learn tricks, they will also learn loopholes and bad habits. Positive reinforcement and consistency is key to successfully training this difficult breed.

Do I need to cut my Shiba’s hair?

In most cases, you do not need to cut your Shiba’s hair. Shiba Inus shed continuously, and they blow their coat twice a year. Their hair will never get too long or too thick. Their coat is what keeps them warm during the winter, and surprisingly what keeps them cool during a hot summer. Your dog should be able to acclimate based on where you live and the weather patterns around them.

Should I buy pet insurance?

There are two schools of thought regarding insurance. On one hand, it would better to be safe than sorry and insurance could potentially save you from paying out of pocket on some very expensive procedures should something happen to your dog. On the other, some would advise putting money aside every month so that you have your own, personal insurance if anything were to happen. There’s no concrete answer to this question as everyone’s situation is different. We suggest that you should at the very least apply for the first-month free trial that most pet insurance companies provide.

Shibas are known to hate water. How do we give them a bath?

Peanut butter!! Schuri’s first bath was only bearable due to having enough peanut butter on hand to make him forget about being wet and uncomfortable. We filled up a shot glass with peanut butter and froze it overnight before bathing him after his first walk. Make sure your pup is exercised and ready for a snack!

Does my Shiba need a jacket or boots in the winter?

Not at all. The Shiba Inu breed can be traced back to 7000 B.C. and was originally bred to withstand harsh temperatures in Japan’s mountain regions. Their coat is designed to keep them warm as long as it has time to acclimate through gradual temperature changes. If the temperature changes drastically, limit the amount of time spent outdoors to short, frequent walks. This will allow your pup’s coat to adapt. Boots are not required but are an option when you are trying to address any irritation to your pup’s paws caused by salt. We use a product called Musher’s Secret, which is a wax that helps protect the paws from irritation.

Why are my Shiba’s ears floppy?

When your pup has just been weaned off from their mother’s milk, they begin to grow exponentially. Your puppy’s body is simply using the available calcium towards the growth of their bones and teeth. Just be patient, and your pup’s ears will go back up in all it’s pride and glory!

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