Schuri’s Backpack

Interested in Schuri’s current rotation of dog products? This page is regularly updated with all of the leashes, collars, harnesses, toys, food, treats, and anything else dog related that is in use. All items include Amazon Affiliate links in the description. If you would like to support us and our quest to make more awesome content, be sure to use these links to purchase any of Schuri’s current recommendations!

Ruffwear Front Range Harness

Schuri’s size: X-Small
This is a fantastic harness for when we’re hiking  through some rough terrain. The build quality is top tier. This harness will not rip or tear even if it drags at awkward angles through sharp rocks, rough logs, or through a bush. The harness is  somewhat water resistant but will become damp and heavy if submerged. Dirt and mud are cleaned off with ease once the harness is dry.

$54.00 CAD

Julius-K9 IDC Powerharness

Schuri’s size: Mini
Our daily harness for walks around the neighbourhood and in the city. It is very stylish and has a bright neon trim to easily keep an eye on him. The minimalistic build is perfect for Schuri’s comfort during his daily walks. We also use this harness at the dog park for the same reasons noted above. We purchased ours with custom name tags, one side is his name, and the other says,” Shiba <3″ since we get asked quite often what breed Schuri is!

$51.99 CAD
$10.00 CAD – Custom Nametags

RC Pets 1″ Martingale Training Collar

Schuri’s size: Medium
This product single-handedly helped us train Schuri to stop pulling on leash. A harness  innately encourages a dog to pull, so it is very difficult(but not impossible) to train a dog to walk well on a harness. After many failed attempts, we decided to try this martingale collar after researching proper use techniques. Within 2 weeks, Schuri was no longer pulling on walks with the martingale. The training also extended to the harnesses we use as well! He actually prefers to go on walks with the martingale because there is less material touching his sassy self.

$18.99 CAD

Earth Rated Dog Wipes

Schuri’s Scent: Lavender
Dog wipes are something we never thought we needed for a dog until we researched the Shiba Inu breed as found out how much they hate baths. There is so much more to be said about using wipes, and we’ll have to do a video about it eventually, but we highly recommend picking up wipes for your pup as soon as you bring them home. These wipes are very strong and will not rip from wiping your dog’s claws. They are very soft and will keep your dog comfortable as you wipe them down after each walk. The lavender smell seems to work well with Schuri, but also consider the non-scented option as some dogs are sensitive to anything scented touching their skin and fur. Using these after every walk keeps your dog and your home clean.

$12.99 CAD – 100 wipes
$39.99 CAD – 400 wipes

Earth Rated Poop Bags

Schuri’s Use: Once a day
We firmly believe in being responsible pet owners and that involves picking up after your pets. We can’t compare this product to others since these are the only bags that we have tried, but we love the lavender scent that these bags have when picking up Schuri’s stinky poop. If you purchase the large box of 900 bags, it comes with 2 plastic holders that can attach to the handle of your leash. When Schuri was on Kibble as a puppy, he was pooping two or three times daily, so we went through the first box by his first birthday. Now that we are on dehydrated raw and are transitioning to a raw diet, he’s been pooping once a day, therefore a box of these bags will last 2 and a half years! Also, puppy poop can be quite pungent. Scented bags go a long way by reducing your daily dose of poop smells to 0, unless of course, you catch a whiff of one of their silent but deadly farts!

$39.99 CAD

Kurgo 6-in-1 Quantum Dog Leash 

Schuri’s size: 6 feet
We purchased this expensive leash along with the expensive Kurgo harness in preparation for our new puppy. We didn’t know any better and just bought whatever looked good from Pet Smart. Luckily enough, this ended up being one of our favourite leash products out of the many more we purchased along the way. This leash is extremely sturdy and has stayed strong through many hikes involving water, mud, rocks, pulling, and lunging. The fluffy handle keeps your hands comfortable if your pup ever pulls or dashes at something interesting at a high speed. The waist wrap feature is extremely useful when we take Schuri out for a morning jog as it helps keep the strain off our shoulders when he decides we are running too slow. Although I don’t recommend overspending before you even pick up your new pup as we did, we feel pretty lucky that we ended up with a product we love and use daily.

$33.99 CAD

Phased out

We have stopped using the following products and included our reasons for not using them anymore. Just because we’ve stopped using a particular product on this list, doesn’t mean we think it’s bad. Please read our reasons in order to learn more!

Canada Pooch No-Pull Harness

Schuri’s size: Medium
This was used as our transitionary harness. Our trusty Kurgo was getting to be a bit too small and Schuri was not at full size yet. We needed something to bridge the gap until we could go for the end game harnesses we were after and currently use. There is honestly nothing special about this harness. Since the whole thing is made of nylon straps, there really isn’t any bulk to it. The entire harness tends to slant to 1 side when Schuri was pulling, making the whole, “no-pull” bit a moot point. It works perfectly as a harness though. We did not pay full price for this harness as it was discounted at Pet ValU.

$39.99 CAD

Premium Canadian Antler Dog Chew

Size: Large
We liked this product since the day we purchased it. It made for some funny interactions with Schuri. The only reason we stopped using it is due to our conversations with the vet and dog nutritionists who cautioned us regarding these chews. Calcium that is more dense than the calcium in Schuri’s teeth can cause wear which could damage them in the long term. After months of owning the chew, he was still not able to get through it which tells us that we may have gotten the wrong size for him. In any case, we likely won’t be using them anymore.

$37.19 CAD

Kurgo Journey Air Dog Harness

Size: X-Small
Aside from being expensive, we had a very good experience with this harness. We purchased this 1 week before picking up Schuri as our breeder recommended that we buy a harness. The easy slide through clip system made putting on the harness a breeze. The harness maintains it’s shape no matter which way Schuri would pull due to it’s build quality. The main reason why we didn’t buy a bigger size for Schuri when he was fully grown is because it just doesn’t look nice to us.

$60.00 CAD