Schuri the Shiba

Aspiring to be a celebrity doge!

Welcome to the Life of Schuri the Shiba!

A dog’s lifespan is only a small fraction of the life of a human being, so we set ourselves a goal of making every day as extraordinary as we can for Schuri. We are extremely proud of how far he’s come along and this project is our way of having accountability for our goal. We hope our content brightens up your day!

Our YouTube Channel


Video Diary

Schuri wants to share his every day adventures on the channel! From dog parks to beaches and everything in-between(including lazing around at home), we show how Schuri enjoys his life!


We help bring Schuri’s thoughts and opinions regarding various products to the world. Together we tackle the difficult and very debated world of pet products to add our own insights and experience.


Your typical reaction videos, but turn up the cuteness to 11! You can watch Schuri experience new toys, foods, and places! This is when you’ll see a shiba’s raw and quirky personality truly shine!


Schuri is…

…a shiba inu! And a special one to boot! I mean, every owner thinks their dog is special and we’re no different! There are 3 specific reasons why we think Schuri is awesome! Shiba inu are known to hate being touched or handled, let alone cuddles with loved ones. Schuri however, will walk to every stranger in the dog park and lean on their legs until he gets pets from them. He is also extremely fast. Everyone at the dog park is always so surprised how he can lap the whole area in record time. Finally, Schuri is extremely gentle with kids of all ages.


A cuddlemonster


A speed demon


Great with kids

Schuri’s Recommendations Store Links

Click the button below to check out all of the products that we use with Schuri. We’ll be making video reviews for all the products on this page eventually, but we’ve prepared a short write up on each to give you some ideas!

Meet Schuri’s Pawrents

Hi, I’m Myles! I’m the main editor for Schuri’s photos and videos. Mostly self taught, I’ve been using Photoshop and Premiere Pro/After Effects on and off for more than 10 years, but mostly to edit my own vacation videos for friends and family. I only started learning the tools seriously when we started Schuri’s channel and it feels like an endless learning curve. I do however, find it extremely fun and satisfying!

Heyooo, I’m Anna! I’m the crazy fur momma that conjures up our video ideas and manages Schuri’s social media accounts! I’m also the main videographer and photographer for Schuri’s channel. Outside of being a crazy dog mom, I’m a dental hygienist, so Schuri’s smile and oral hygiene is of maximum importance. The shiba inu is my favourite breed of dog because their quirky and aloof personality reminds me of me!

Looking to Adopt a Shiba?

We can definitely help you out with answering any questions you have! We believe in responsible breeding and did tons of research before getting Schuri. We’ve compiled all of the research and questions we asked before adopting Schuri!

Get in Touch With Schuri’s Owners!

The best way to contact us is through any of our social media platforms’ messaging systems, but if you feel like sending us an E-mail we do check it regularly! 

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